Eco Friends

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Eco Friends

Eco Friends is a small business that sells Eco friendly products that are different because in the ECO PRODUCTS section (in the Product section), everything is made out of recycled materials. These our our best products. The Beary Chairs TM.


Your Sky. Your Ocean. Your Planet. You're Killing It.

Orca! See This Orca? Theese are the creatures we are killing and without even knowing it! Everybody!!!! Help the planet. This is our planet. Own It. Live It. Love It.

Got Questions??????

E-mail us at! We will take all o f your questions!

How can we help?

1. Make the switch to florecent light bulbs.

2. Buy farm fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat.

3. Wear clothes made from cotton.

4. Turn off the light when you exit a room.

5. Buy Energy Star rated washer/dryer, stove, oven, and dish washer. 

- Yuki 

Why should I do this?

I know you all are thinking, "Yeah ,yeah. I already do these things!" But really you should go the extra mile for our world. Some people say that they will switch over to doing that , but in the end they don't do it. You know who you are. Make the switch! Be eco- friendly!


International Scenery- China



 It would be nice to keep all of these beautiful landscapes as they are today.